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Written Wednesday | Interview With Justice Hehir

  Justice Hehir is a second-year MFA Playwriting student at Hunter College under the direction of Annie Baker, Brighde Mullins, and Branden Jacobs Jenkins. She graduated from Rutgers in 2016 with a BA in English and Women’s and Gender Studies and a lot of debt. She’s from New Jersey and her plays tend to focus […]

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Writing as Reclamation: Interview With Kate Foley, Author of “The Bird Hours”

“One of my mottos is that life is a lot easier when you don’t have any secrets. I hold tight to this belief in moments of doubt and fear.”

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These Women Combat Frat Rape Culture With This Poem

Last Thursday,  Justice Hehir, and Short Line! co-founders Dena Igusti and Marwa Adina opened for Joe Biden at the It’s On Us! rally at Rutgers University. The rally addressed sexual assault on campus and the poem written by Hehir, Igusti, and Adina discussed one of the main causes of sexual assault on campus: fraternity rape […]