Event| #Bersatu: A Meetup for Lombok

Indonesia’s Lombok has been jolted by two major earthquakes and hundreds of aftershocks in the past week with a 6.4 on July 29 and an even more devastating 7.0 on August 5. The death toll of the 7.0-quake has been continuing to climb (it’s up to 98 at the moment), hundreds have been wounded, and thousands have been forced to evacuate…

Short Line! at The New York City Poetry Festival

Short Line Review is having our first event! We’re having our first ever reading at The New York City Poetry Festival! Our poetry reading is on Saturday July 28th 5-5:30PM at Chumley’s in Colonel’s Row, Governors Island. The reading features Jayy Dodd, Nanee, Lauren Halbert, and Samira Sadeque, and is hosted by co-founder Dena Igusti….