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Funky Friday: WeSingSin

SHORTLINE EXCLUSIVE RELEASE Listen to this Shortline! Review exclusive release: WeSingCin – Balance Mr.y (mist(ə)rē), better known as WeSingCin, is a 22 year-old artist without a definite home. He was last seen drifting into the shadows after hearing the whispers of the Bad Magician. To live one’s life as honest and true to one’s self […]

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Complexity and Clarity with Sadaway| Written Wednesday

While not a huge fan of labels, Sadaway would call himself an artist in the broadest sense. He creates visual art (mostly in the form of pen and ink works, but occasionally paintings and, recently, jewelry), poetry, raps, sings, and produces beats. While he wouldn’t go as far as to say ‘I do it all,’ […]

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The Other Side Of The Game: An Interview With Diya Drake

  Naadiya Drake Age: 21 From: Willingboro, NJ Singer, Writer, Rapper/Lyricist Interviewed by Steven Ikegwu How did you get the opportunity to become a radio host? How nerve wrecking was your first broadcast? I was pretty anxious to get on the radio. I did some research on radio stations on the campus of Rutgers to […]

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“Trump Nation” by Victoria Buffalino

betrayal: sneaky snake slippery, slow you feel comfort as he wraps his arms around your throat “Let me save you,” he coos as he strangles you you’ll never see it coming (at least, it’ll feel sudden when you’ve spend the whole relationship with your eyes squeezed shut) one day he just strikes (about:) This is […]