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Beautiful – Lennix

My body is speaking to me The tongues of my skin Speak languages that do not reach my mouth. Whisper sweet nothings, to which I can not reply, the words caught in Linguistic purgatory Trying to translate beautiful a noun, a possessive word beautiful, The word is stuck in the spit of man as he […]


Moon Shift:A Pisces to Aries Playlist| Madeline Lessing

moon shift: a playlist in celebration of the moon shifting from Pisces to Aries, the month from July to August, and our emotions from meditative to motivated. these songs are to remind you that feeling intensely is important and powerful, especially when you express it out loud.   Madeline Lessing is a poet, songwriter, and […]

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Edge Petal Burn: The Chaotic Depth Of Olivia West

(Photo by Kit Castagne) Despite art being open to endless interpretation, I feel fiercely protective over the way Edge Petal Burn’s Glass Cannon is received by people. I am anxious about the mainstream’s habit of putting finality and forgiveness on narratives involving trauma against marginalized people, without the consent of the artist who was traumatized […]

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Funky Friday: WeSingSin

SHORTLINE EXCLUSIVE RELEASE Listen to this Shortline! Review exclusive release: WeSingCin – Balance Mr.y (mist(ə)rē), better known as WeSingCin, is a 22 year-old artist without a definite home. He was last seen drifting into the shadows after hearing the whispers of the Bad Magician. To live one’s life as honest and true to one’s self […]