Masthead (Staff)

Dena Igusti- Co-founder and Director of Media & Communications Dena Igusti is an Indonesian-Muslim poet based in Queens, New York. She is a 2018 New York City Youth Poet Laureate Ambassador and 2017 Urban Word Federal Hall Fellow. She has competed in the College Union Poetry Slam Invitational under the Rutgers University Team in 2016. She has been featured in Muslim Girl, Quail Bell Magazine, Thread Magazine, theater production In Full Color, and more. Her bloodstream consists of 2 parts Arizona, 1 part dollar pizza, and 1 part Indomie noodles.

Marwa Adina- Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief Marwa Adina is a first generation Moroccan/Muslim-American college student studying the health sciences at Rutgers University. Outside of school, Marwa is an active member of her community. She has had the opportunity to travel with the Rutgers Slam Poetry Team twice in her life, once as a team member and then, later, as a co-coach. The oldest of three children, Marwa is a Second Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Marwa was awarded Young Adult of the Year by the Lions Clubs International in 2017 and celebrated by HerCampus’ 22 Inspirational Women Under the Age of 22 in 2016.

Staff Members
Ezra Dufala- 
Ezra Dufala (art/music pseudonym: Sadaway) is a 4th year student at Rutgers University majoring in Psychology with a double minor in Public Health and Sociology.  Outside of school Ezra is an avid creator and curator of the arts, producing and performing music and poetry, designing digital and physical art for leisure or commission, and promoting/collaborating with local artists and performers.  Ezra also has an extensive background in community and activist work around New Brunswick being a former Vice Chair of the New Jersey Public Interest Research Group in his freshman year and a current crisis response advocate for Rutgers’ department of Violence Prevention and Victims Assistance.  

Madeline Lessing- Madeline Lessing is a poet, songwriter, and DIY scene-baby based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Cheyenne Monique Davis- Cheyenne is a soon-to-be graduate of Rutgers University who is currently applying to MFA programs in Media Studies.  Aside from her studies, Cheyenne has a passion for fashion and all things aesthetic such as body art and makeup. She also has an unwavering love for anime, traveling, writing, and reading.  She writes both fiction and editorials, utilizing influences from her life and her environment to create textual magic. Cheyenne hopes to bring her creativity, activism, and love of words to the Shortline Review team and, moreover, the world.