Short Line Review and Exiled Tongues are having an open call for their online residency. The residency is accepting proposals for any performance or literary works centered around Time, Space, or Inheritance.

Selected artists and art groups will receive a free platform for their work, an artist interview, and additional support provided by either orgs. All artists selected will have complete ownership over their work. 

Works can include but not limited to:
– A play reading on livestream or video
– A video dance performance
– An online chapbook of poetry or prose
– A multimedia movie piece
– An EP on one of the themes

Deadline to apply is April 1, 2020.

To submit, fill out the form here


About Short Line Review:

Short Line Review is a literary magazine dedicated to celebrating and fostering connections between communities, identities, individuals, and whatever else we navigate in this world.

We are committed to raising the work of marginalized communities, and will prioritize the work, voices, and needs of BIPOC, LGBTQ, non binary folks, and women.

About Exiled Tongues:

Exiled Tongues  is a theater company that is dedicated to producing readings, developmental workshops and productions for playwrights of color especially those interrogating stories of diaspora. We realize that mainstream American theater suffers from a severe lack of representation and deserves serious discussion on colonization and the legacy of post-colonialism especially within the American context. Our productions showcase the complex stories of BIPOC and acknowledge intersectional identities. We use our intersectional identities as a form of theatrical empowerment and seek to make change beyond theater and into our communities.