Quick Tips: Poetry

#NaWriPoMo ended a while ago, but here are some tips for writing, improving, and possibly publishing your work well after your 30/30.

  1. Get a Submittable account
  2. If you can’t afford DuoTrope and want to find writing opportunities, look at the “Discover” tab on Submittable
  3. Shortcut to making your whole poem lowercase: in Word, highlight the whole poem. Click Change Case (Aa) in the font group under the Home tab. Click lowercase.
  4. Have a document only for lines you’ve cut out but may want to use in another poem
  5. Read this essay on line breaks: http://blog.pshares.org/index.php/making-and-breaking-a-poem/
  6. Word Wars: prompted or unprompted, set a timer for 7 minutes. Write anything that comes to mind without stopping
  8. If you have been mistreated/ feel as if you are being exploited, you do not owe anything to any publication, even after acceptance
  9. If you have worked with someone/ a group of people to do a 30/30 writing challenge, work with them to spend a month editing and formatting those same poems
  10. Read the latest issue/works of any literary journal you plan on submitting to
  11. Save a template of your cover letter to copy and paste to any submission.
  12. If you are copying/pasting a cover letter, make sure you have the right publication name before submitting
  13. You deserve to be compensated for your work, regardless of your level of experience
  14. When posting your poetry on Instagram, keep in mind that it can be be reposted by anyone without legal repercussions (learn more about Instagram posting rights and more on our podcast)
  15. Don’t post your rejection on social media, and especially don’t bash the publication (unless they are bigoted)
  16. Don’t take rejections personally, even if the masthead consists of people you know. Most of the time, poems are rejected because it doesn’t fit the theme of the publication, not because of the quality of the work.
  17. Don’t be afraid to submit different work to a literary magazine that has rejected you in the past
  18. Don’t limit yourself to just writing residencies. There are many artist residencies that have a literary arts category
  19. If you want to create your own chapbook from word, check out these chapbook templates
  20. If you can’t afford to support fellow writers by purchasing their work, promote it, or leave a review

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