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Submission Sunday | Poem, “Fearless Future,” by Walter Herres

Heaven or hell, being a gentleman or a deviant destined for a cell. Many past authors, scholars and sages have transcribed through the ages the secrets of passing cyclic degrees, to in turn stand stable upon  feet rather than knees. The wise show reverence to noble truths; as fools make shackles for themselves by conduct. More so his ancestral roots are weeded and bleeded out. Who deserves human rights ? Why withhold liberties and justice for all?

When without the corner stone to Americas founding , the governing structure kharmically will fall.

Moving along the currents, to current life as we know it. 

Persistence gives momentum into the neo matrix of myriad opportunity.

However who can enter the courts of prosperity cheerfully, without a shaming virtue wholesomely.

Leaving hidden links to the vaulted up genealogy of numerous unseen sphinx.

Lost to a civilization who’s favorite past time is bigotry, due to the fact they are unable to see , blinded by lusts desires and the all mighty note of currency. Constant meetings, surveying and graphing lands, like the Dutch, French and British dividing Africa with the confirmation of shaking hands. 

Now unearthing what is hidden beneath the sands yet rather obvious once brought to the surface. We are a chosen generation born into this unjust nation , to rectify the cry of every soul not race, taking the bitter distaste of Master’s leftovers. Then, digesting the past accommodating spacious freedom when it rings…….Echo….. Echo. Presiding powers that be, from the continental congress to the constitution all brainstormed so economically, that till this day and age distant relatives of southern slaveholders hold seats in Congress which rule and super rule, while lobbying aka puppeteering the presidency.. 



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