Submission Saturday | “The End,” Poem by Charles Joseph

The End.

By, Charles Joseph


Since the beginning,


I wanted the road to keep going, 

So I can skate through summer, winter, fall—

Even through spring’s pouring.

The road scrolled out, in my head, and elongated 

With my energy of thunder, scribbled onto it. 

But I always feared the road would come to an end. 


I couldn’t stop myself from needing to help. 

If the car, rushing like a coyote,

Has its fury eyes on an elderly

It will have to get through me, first. 

My reaction to help a mother

With her carriage

Was faster than the father’s. 

But I always feared my will to help would come to an end. 


Hell, my first time wasn’t supposed to come to a stop.

As the first kiss turned into my first dagger,

I wished it’d prolong an hour. 

Of hearing her scream and deconstructing my skin.

I loved it all.

But I always feared pleasure would come to an end. 


I didn’t mind his “wtf” face when I said something

That was, from my view, the smartest shit ever.

It meant he cares about me embarrassing myself;

It meant even though he gave zero fucks,

He still put up an act. For, I deserve that much.

It meant that the next day or week or month, he’ll see me 

Then he’ll power off, tumble to the ground and die

Laughing because of, “smartest shit ever” I said a while back.

Most importantly, it meant our friendship wouldn’t come to an end. 


My biggest fear, though I try hiding it from myself, 

Is seeing the end in friEND.

I read “friend” as: Fri-End,

“Hopefully the sun will FRY the END”

Then I could stop fearing it, 

And it won’t ever be alive to come through. 

Thus putting an end to the end.


I hope you understand.

I am trying to save myself from this quicksand: 

My fear of losing a friend.


Him and I were like, wow! 

If you knew Charles, 

You had to know him, or “le miz” 

Whatever the fuck that means. 

Together, we would run through clouds of bullets 

Seas of fire, but come out to give daps to life!


But now, it’s at the point where I would give up 

God’s beautiful gift of life 

Instead of seeing our friendship arrive to an end. 

But, I fear it’s too late. 



The end.


To dear friendship and a year of stupidity,


And glow.


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