Funk Fridays: 15 Seconds

How would you spend your last 15 seconds of your life? Throughout the duration of their EP, Internal Rhyme and Digital Crates seek to answer that question. With five standout tracks, the two Philadelphia natives cover a wide range of ideas and emotions, including anger, enjoyment, ignorance, and finally, tranquility. Between the clever lyricism of 23-year old Internal Rhyme, and the outstanding production from Grammy Award-winning Digital Crates, it’s hard not to love this project. While the idea of “15 Seconds” stems from Israeli rocket alerts, where those in range are given a 15-second warning to seek shelter, this project does not intend to push political divisiveness. In fact, it seeks to do the exact opposite, in simply expressing the idea that we are all searching for shelter – a place of comfort, happiness, and stability – and we are all deserving of a place to call home.

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