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Funk Friday: Meet S0ulfood

Name: S0ulfood

Age: 22 (12/1995)

Hometown: Cliffwood Beach, New Jersey

Genre: Singer Songwriter

Artist Bio: Stemming from a small shore town in New Jersey, S0ulfood brings an urban twist to the Singer/ Songwriter genre. Delivering to the world, a raw uncut interpretation of his emotions. He forced his way into the music scene as a street performer in towns such as: The Historic Asbury Park, Nj, Long Branch, Nj, and Redbank, Nj. There he acquired the following that has attributed to his impressive growth.

Purpose: To let everyone who hears my music know that they are not alone. It is ok to express your emotions in a world that looks down on those who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Look out for his 4 song EP called Sorry For December, and check him out on Instagram, Facebook, SoundCloud, and all streaming platforms!

Want to be featured for Funk Friday? Send us your bio and tracks to


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