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Slaydaking “Bystander”

Woah holy shit
I should probably
Nah someone will do something
There was a lot of people there
I can’t be the only one who saw that
Someone definitely said something
                                                                              Everything was happening so fast
                                                                               I was scared as hell
                                                                              They probably were too
                                                                              They would have said something
                                                                               But we made eye contact
                                                                               That may have been enough
I feel weird
I’m still thinking about yesterday
What if no one did anything
Fuck I should have done something
Actually wait
It was none of my business
I shouldn’t even be worried about it
  I can’t sleep
                                                                                  I keep replaying that in my head
                                                                                  They looked like
                                                                                   They really needed my help
                                                                                   I just kept walking
                                                                                 What the fuck is wrong with me?!
It’s all I can think about now
Their eyes
I could see the fear
But who am I!?
Honestly I couldn’t have handled that
Fuck it, I didn’t see anything at all
           What if that was me
                                                                                    I could have at least stuck around
                                                                                   To check up on them later
                                                                                   Or I could’ve asked someone else to step in
                                                                                    Or I don’t know…
                                                                                   I really don’t know
Isn’t that-?
They look fine
They’re smiling
Maybe someone stepped in that day
If there’s ever a next time
I’ll do something

-Slaydaking (WordPress)

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