Tyriq Gay “TABOO LOVE”

Amani Hisia
Swahili for hidden love
Hidden love
English for lust
A feeling of desire and greed
Which just manifests itself into
anger, jealousy, and pain
The Theory that Splenda is just as real  as natural honey
Sweet, savory golden delight
A product from those who work hard
Created with passion
Created from two, created for two
Time taken, soul shaken
Pure from heart, genuine
The natural flow
See how it takes its time to flow
Never fast, never rushed
Leaving me hungry for more
Crystallized particles for the illusion of sweetness and actuality
Satisfaction in the beginning but still leaves me with a bitter aftertaste
The only thing that a diabetic can take
Because sugar had screwed me over
Episodic memories flicker on and off in my head
Creating my epilepsy
Denying the fact my love may just not be that good

As we stare from across the room
Starting to ponder what we’ve been going through
What did my kiss mean to you
Are we just friends
Or is this more to you
Why rush why choose
Why rush this thing and ruin me and you
I want a lover and keep it friends
I wanna be near you and not pretend

Now I’m saying
je suis amoureux de toi
French for I am in love with you
I am in love with you
English for do you feel the same

I’m tired of waiting
I’m tired of ya fake ass facade
Like fa real nigga
I explained to you why I loved you fa three years

I explained  and explained and explained
I’m tired

Tyriq Gay

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