Stephanie Dinsae “Concrete”

They treat her terribly

Walk on her as if she does not matter

Walk on her as if she is not made of matter

Step on her like concrete

Disregard her worth

They deface her verbally, mentally, physically

Call her “slut” and “bitch”

Because she does as she pleases

Decide that she is insignificant

Decide that she is not equal to a man

They walk on her like concrete

They forget that although concrete is such a simple mix, it makes up something complex

Something complex enough to be able to support you

Forget that concrete can stand on its own when it does not support you

Forget because they think the only reason concrete exists is to be at their feet

They think her main purpose is to hold them up

Carry them on her back

Unaware that they’re the cause for the street cracks

Because they walk too hard, walk too nonchalantly

Take the artificial granite for granted

Forget that women, like concrete, can be the foundation

And without a foundation, how do you even know where to go?



-Stephanie Dinsae

(FB:Stephy Dee)

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