Wavy D “BLT”

I’m black like the struggle, I’m black like the mothers

I’m black like the brothers inside of my circle that stuck with each other

I’m black like I’m breeded, I’m black like my people

I’m black like I built this country on my back but I’m still not an equal.

Black like the people in homes by the freeway

Black like the people that live out in Chile

Black like the skin that spent time in the sun

Black like Olympians training to run

Black like I love myself past what they taught me

Black like I’m royalty back where they bought me

Black like I don’t find my truth in the books

Black like they sell me back the things that they took

Black like if I go do the same I’m a crook

Black like the people who know how to cook

Black like the father of Edison’s filament

Black like it shocks you when I don’t speak ignorant

Black like commercials with singing and snares

Black like wide nostrils and gelled baby hairs

Black like I used to praise God in a turban

Black like if they can’t call me a thug they say urban.

Black like my blood isn’t worth resignation

Black like I fear fruitvale being a station

Black like the color of broken TVs

Black like the fact Trayvon coulda been me

Black like the color of death with no justice

Black like them leaving Mike’s body in public

Black like those 50 shots going through car doors

Black like the opposite of who killed Crawford

Black like you watch as they come in your house

Black like your daughter sees them drag you out

Black like true equity still seems so far

Black like you die if you sleep in your car

Black like your fist up means you hate the police

Black like at 12 you get shot for the peace

Black like your life ends with pleading they free you

Black like they hate how much they wanna be you.


Wavy D (

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